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Welcome to Caribbean Art
by Romeo Downer

Here you will find paintings of people and places of the Caribbean

You can say a lot with the colors in a painting. Bright hues can transform a dark room, and vibrantly painted sunsets can make your dreary day a better one. Nothing makes me happier than painting the warmth of Caribbean life on a white canvas. My work reflects the cadence, color, and culture of beautiful, sunny islands. They are my greatest source of artistic inspiration in Santa Clarita, CA; being able to share what I love most about my culture and paint it in joyful compositions brings me great joy as an artist. I welcome and thank everyone who takes time to find my soul in the brush strokes I produce!

Art and Politics

One of my favorite things about art is being able to weave your emotions into the paint, where the colors and compositions tell a story for you. In a country like Barbados, I was able to bring real issues to the forefront through the published cartoons I made in The Advocate newspaper. That's why I firmly believe in the power of art and its ability to reach people even in the darkest times.

Women Of Color

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The print is on heavy paper.
18"x 23"

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