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My Journey to Create Art in Santa Clarita, CA

Let me give you a glimpse into my past and how it led me to make art in Santa Clarita, CA. My artistic journey began many years ago on the quaint island of Barbados. Art has always spoken to me, even in my early school days, where my affinity for art was brought to the well-known Caribbean artist, Carl Broodhagen. With his help, encouragement, and teaching, I was able to hone my drawing skills into a much more mastered level.

Romeo Downer

I joined the staff of The Advocate newspaper, where I consistently drew cartoons that struck a chord with real social and political issues! Thanks to the power of artistic connection, it became a popular installment in the daily publications. I was also able to explore photography with the occasional photo assignment; it's an art form in itself!

I was 21 when I immigrated to America, where I continued my education in photography. Thanks to this, I made a career with the Hughes Aircraft Company in California as a Technical Research Photographer. For many years I served as the company's only aerial photographer and participated in the development of several systems for the U.S. air defense.

My love for art was never diminished. Throughout my 28 years at Hughes, I continued to practice my skills by attending art classes at UCLA and Arts Center in Pasadena. I'm finally able to pursue my passion and am eager to show the world my love of art and painting!

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